Friday, September 16, 2011

Current Obsession: Edible Wedding Favors

Whether savory or sweet, nothing is better than edible wedding favors to send home with your guests.  Get creative and personal with these fun to-go items.  Love cookies? Have an awesome family recipe?  A favorite candy? There are so many amazing options that are crowd pleasing and delicious.

I love these rosemary infused olive oils. And how cute is that Italian "grazie" label?
Macaroons are elegant and delicious

Mixed nuts can be the perfect savory send-off snack

Chocolate is decadent, romantic and delicious!

Dessert buffets double as decor and tasty delights

Be creative with your favors and be sure to choose something that you absolutely love.  Adorn it with a darling sticker or label with your initials, a thank you, or a fun or whimsical saying.  Edible favors can truly add a special detail to your party. 


  1. I pushed for whoopie pies for a while. But Geoff really wanted the soaps. :)

  2. hahaha! hey, soaps are a classic!

  3. I like the nuts idea.
    I feel like macaroons are starting to be around quite often, the chocs idem and i like the idea of your friends and loved ones munching the nuts and thinking and talking about the great time they had.
    And I really love the simple package you suggest.