Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bold Cocktail Rings

I have always been a habitual ring lover. It was about five years ago until I fully embraced the bold cocktail ring. My first find was one of my absolute favorites. I stumbled upon it at a kiosk of all handmade jewelry on campus when I was in college and it was love at first sight. I joyfully purchased it though I didn't take the owners card and was distraught when I never saw her again. Luckily, I’ve seen replicas of that style at local Farmer’s Markets that sell jewelry and ogle them every time I pass by.

My beloved ring with gold wire

I find myself drawn to noticeably gorgeous colored semi-precious stones that pop. Bold rings make a confident statement and naturally receive attention. I simply love to wear it on my index or middle finger, though everyone has there own preference.

Here are a few photos of stylish and bold cocktail rings that I am quite taken by...aqua stone, amethyst and pearl, oh my!

When you wear something as striking and eye-catching as a cocktail ring be sure that the rest of your outfit and jewelry is minimal so your items don't compete with one another. The ring can be worn with something as grandiose as an evening gown, a classic cocktail dress or even with your favorite denim. 

Wear it with confidence and exuberance and you are ready to go!


  1. Hi there! :) thanks for visiting and commenting my blog! These rings are amazing! I love the first two (aqua stone and amethyst) and the very last one! Adorable!
    You have a beautiful blog :)
    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. I love your cocktail ring and the other gorgeous rings. The purple one and the green one..oh la la.

  3. Statement rings are so much fun. I have a huge turquoise one. It's a fun way to bring in a pop of color!

  4. Beautiful! I would love to have a collection full of all the rings listed above. So much fun and really great to dress up any outfit!

  5. Thank you! Rings are so amazing, I simply love wearing them!

  6. Love this kind of rings!

    I hope can offer ones in my on line shop soon