Sunday, December 16, 2012

Add Some Sparkle To Your Life

I'm currently obsessed with anything that glimmers, shimmers and is all-around dazzling.  Getting ready for a Holiday Party?  Maybe just a night out with the girls?  Or just trying to figure out how to add some panache to your cozy winter ensemble?  Sparkle is the answer.  Certainly you don't want to look like a Christmas ornament gone awry, so be sure not to overdo it and just have one statement piece with glitz.  Either a batting eye, a dazzling top, a trend-setting statement necklace or if you really want to kick it up a full-fledged radiant dress can truly pep up those winter blues.  Adding sparkle is sexy, festive and adds a touch of elegance.  Happy Holidays!

How gorgeous is  this glimmering cat-eye? This is Holiday make up in a nutshell. Just line the inner bottom and cat-eye flick with your favorite glitter eyeliner (Sephora makes a great one for a mere $7).  

Pair this gorgeous bustier top with a black tuxedo blazer and skinny pants and you are good to go!

For everyday twinkle, opt for a statement nail in a brilliant silver. Loving this look.

Camilla Belle dazzles in all sequin ensemble

Love the contrast of sparkle and a cozy plush sweater

These truly add flair to any outfit, LBD to denim.  

This top can be dressed up with a floor sweeping sleek and chic black skirt or pair it down with a cozy gray cardigan and your favorite denim.

Adorn these gorgeous necklaces on a simple tee or dress, instantly adding glam.

{images via Pintrest}

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Autumn Decor::Orange Tulips

Orange tulips are the perfect decor accent for Autumn.  Adorn your tables or mantels with these gorgeous vibrant orange tulips that exude the essence of fall.  Pair your favorite table scape with these stunning flowers.  I love to incorporate these tulips with rustic artichokes or even pine cones.  Add sunflowers or deep colored mums to complete the bouquet or display them by themselves like in the photo.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ready for Fall

There is something about seasons changing that exacerbates nostalgia in me.  I get overwhelmed with warm feelings and the urge to just enjoy the moment.  It's exciting when the day finally arrives; the day you can open your window and feel that crisp cool air hit you.  Ready to cozy up with a glass of red wine and eat some warm popcorn and watch a good Woody Allen or Audrey Hepburn movie.  I love that Fall brings out the darker side in fashion, depth in the flavors of food, and all the joy of the beginning of the holidays.

Here are a few whimsical photographs, that hopefully gets you ready for fall.  Have a lovely weekend!

Running railroad fashion

Catherine Pulchart Photography

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Mount Waialeale {one of the wettest places on earth}

Rihanna's dark and smoldering make up

Sunday, August 5, 2012


There is something about summer that I simply love.  I enjoy the long beautiful nights and particularly enjoy that summer brings out a certain care-free spirit in me.  It is probably the thought of picnics, beaches, and barbeques which put me in a good mood.  A great cotton dress, an earthy wedge, a classic navy bikini, loose waves and a pop of color on the toes pair perfectly with sipping freshly squeezed iced cold lemonade on everlasting days.  Here are some of my summer must-haves that can take you from day to night without even breaking a sweat.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

44 Days and Counting

Hello all!  I apologize for being out of commission for what has seemed like eternity.  The past months have been a flurry of excitement and go-go-go.  To recap, I got engaged and am to be wed this September!  To top it off, I've been working non-stop and very little time for leisure or my beloved blogging.

Preparing for a wedding has been everything I imagined.  A compilation of stress, creativity, excitement and a lot of preparation.  Details, details, details:  from the invitations, flowers, dress, food, music {that is seriously just a sliver of the things that have been whirling through my head}.

At the end of the day, I really am just grateful to be marrying the man I love and looking forward to having a marvelous time. 

Hope you can enjoy the rest of my journey with me for the countdown of the wedding!

Here are just a few beautiful photos that have inspired my style for the big day.

succulents and candlelight

how romantic are a sea of candles in varying sizes?

Vera Wang pumps in blush
lace is so romantic

love me some garden roses

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have a Wonderful New Year!

I cannot believe 2012 is already upon us, as the past three months went by in a complete flurry.  Hoping your New Year was filled with beautiful moments, bubbly champagne, relaxing mornings, decadent eats, wishful resolutions and lots of love. Wishing you an even more delightful year than the past and all the best in 2012!

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