Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Burst of Orange

There is something about a burst of orange that I simply love. Whether adorned on a billowy tank, a flirty frock, a sassy skirt, a softer than ever lightweight wrap, a leather wallet or purse; orange will surely add a vivid splash of color to any ensemble.

Carrie wearing a floor-length pleated Halston dress in Sex and the City 2

Orange Scallop Vest, Topshop

Loose Cotton Beach Kaftan, Asos

Patterson J. Kincaid Linen Slub Tank, Piperlime

Tangerine Pleated Frill Sleeve Dress, Topshop (currently out of stock)

Tangerine Belted Paperbag Waist Skirt, Topshop

Orange can be construed as a bold color, so it is best to subdue it with neutral items. White, black and a fabulous dark denim are always great choices to wear with orange. Additionally, it pairs wonderfully with metallic accessories (example: your favorite gold cuff and heels or a chunky silver watch).

Here are some accessories that add just enough orange to liven up your outfit 

Budd Leather Lizard Calf Framed Wallet

Lightweight Wrap, Banana Republic

Kate Spade Bag

Spring forward with this fun, flirty, and fabulous color!


  1. i like that orange is popping up everywhere this spring! it is such a happy color

  2. I love the color orange:) It is a color I love to wear because when I wear it I am instantly in a better mood!!

  3. LOOVE this color. Not really good for my skin tone, so I'll stick with the fun accessories :)

  4. Love it! I have bright orange-ish TB sandals and love wearing them with a simple outfit as my burst of color!

  5. beautiful pieces! now that i think of it... i don't have anything orange in my closet except for a "home t-shirt" ... i think i'm gonna have to go find some just in time for spring and summer!

  6. You just made me fall in love with orange. I don't think I own any clothing articles that are orange, just accessories- so I'll have to change that ;)

  7. I'm loving orange this season