Monday, August 1, 2011


I just love anything embossed and this desk embosser by Paper Source is absolutely fabulous.  The templates range from darling designs, initials, messages or return addresses.  This embosser will certainly leave a stylish and lasting mark. 

An embossed return address makes for a great and useful gift

Desk embosser
Embossed designs or initials add beautiful detailing to wedding stationery.  Looks great on Save The Dates, menus, programs or cocktail napkins. 

Diving birds  create a whimsical design for any piece of paper

This embosser adds a darling and fun touch to a magical holiday


  1. I am getting this desk embosser!!!

  2. I think I NEED one of these!

  3. I think I just added this to my "must haves" list. Its basically my neverending list of things I "need."